1 bedroom cottages

One bedroom cottages are available in the following configurations:

One queen bed and are ideal for one or two adults.

imgp4909 img_6064 img_5923 img_5927 img_6075

img_5971 cabin-34_1 imgp4912 cabin-34_2 cabin-34_3

cabin-34_5 cabin-34_6 cabin-34_7 cabin-34_8 img_5508

img_5515 img_5518 img_5522 img_5523 img_6062-1

2 double beds (one bed is situated in a private bedroom while the second bed is located in a nook adjacent to the living room).
These cottages are ideal for small families or two friends.

img_6181 imgp4817 img_6101 img_5452 img_5453

img_5454 img_5456 img_5458 img_5464 img_5469

imgp4821 imgp4822 imgp4825 imgp4828 imgp4832

img_6115 cabin-9_2 cabin-9_3 cabin-9_4 cabin-9_5

HERITAGE LOG CABINS feature 2 double beds in a pint-sized ‘great’ room.

Heritage Log Cabin Heritage Log Cabin Log cabin Log cabin bunk-style bed img_5661

img_5662 Log cabin Log cabin View toward kitchenette View of kitchen from living room

View of living area from kitchen table Log cabin kitchen table Log cabin kitchenette Log cabin - kitchen Log cabin - washroom

Log cabin - washroom Heritage Log Cabin Heritage Log Cabin


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