2 bedroom cottages

- 1 queen and 2 single beds
- “Mini’ 2 bedroom with 2 double beds
The following are some examples of our 2 bedroom cabins:

Cottage 23

imgp4736 imgp4756 imgp4755 imgp4746 imgp4737

imgp4753 imgp4750 imgp4751 img_6215 img_6215

Cottage 27

img_6221 img_5929 imgp1643 imgp1619 img_5933

img_5938_0 img_6223 img_5930 img_5609 img_5608

Cottage 29

imgp1650 imgp1675 imgp4905 imgp4896 imgp1660

imgp1656 imgp1659 imgp1672 imgp1678 img_6229-1

Cottage 41

img_8217 img_8225 img_8228

Cottage 43

imgp1614 imgp1634 imgp1637 imgp1677 000

001 002 003 004 005


Cottage 47

imgp4867 imgp4869 imgp4874 imgp4880 img_5649_0

img_5653_0 imgp4884 img_5656

Modern Cottage: Cabins 35 & 36 are 2 bedroom cottages with one queen and two single beds.
Sleeps 4.

imgp4927 img_6251 imgp4941 cabin-35_5 cabin-35_2

imgp4931 imgp4933 imgp4935 cabin-35_1 cabin-35_3

cottage-35 tasha-001

‘Mini’ 2 bedroom: Compact, yet cozy 2 bedroom cabins with 2 double beds.
Ideal for two individuals or a small family.

img_6064 img_5914 img_7101 img_7060 img_7076

img_7083 img_7085 img_7086 img_7100 img_5919_0

img_7096 img_5918_0


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